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TANJAYA contributes to the reforestation of teak plantations, as it has achieved the INDONESIAN LEGAL WOOD certification (mark) by the TUV European Rheiland agency. This certification attests the use of wood from plantations in Indonesia under control of the Indonesian government.

For SOLID and MADIUMN MIX collections only teak grade A is used, from trees at least 40 years old. The wood of our collections looks naturally oiled, honey-colored, and smooth to the touch; even with bad weather. It is normal that the quality teak, after some time, gets covered in a grayish patina that can be removed with the use of recommended products or prevented with the drafting of special oil. The coloring does not compromise the properties of our wood that remains unchanged over time.


The aluminum lines of SIN WOVEN and MADIAUN MIX collections, are finished with epoxy powder, which confers brilliance, color uniformity and considerable resistance to atmospheric agents, as well as to chlorine and salt water.


For SIN WOVEN collection, TANJAYA uses high quality synthetic material, which is UV resistant, non-toxic, keeps the color, and withstands temperatures from -70º to + 80º. Furthermore, it does not change when immersed in pools and in the sea.

In the processings in which the synthetic takes the form of natural reed, a particular formula is used, which makes it stable and compact, even if left in the sun.

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